P & I Services Mexico, correspondent in Mexico for the protection and indemnity associations most recognized in the world, best known in the field as P & I Clubs.

Acts as Inspector, adjuster and consultant for various international and domestic insurers and reinsurers in the insurance industry for marine and non-marine risks.


  • Risk management
  • PANDI correspondents Clubs
  • P & I settings, Hull and Machinery
  • Adjustments marine insurance coverage, Port and Transport
  • Appraisals
  • Legal advice on issues of Insurance and International Maritime and Port Operation Ships
  • Procedures and documentation maritime - port
  • Attention to crew and persons on board ships, the responsibility of shipping
  • Support for port terminals
  • Consulting, Inspections

P & I Services Mexico is present in Mexican ports with the greatest volume of maritime traffic such as:

  • Veracruz
  • Manzanillo
  • Lázaro Cardenas
  • Altamira/ Tampico
  • Salina Cruz, others

P&I Correspondent and Insurers for

  • The American Club
  • The Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Limited
  • The North of England P&I Association Ltd.
  • The Shipowners Mutual Protection & Indemnity Association (Luxembourg)
  • The Steamship Insurance Managements Services
  • The Swedish Club
  • United Kingdom (UK) P&I Club
  • West of England
  • Axa Global Risk, Marine and Transport Division
  • Noor Nederlandsche P&I Club (NNPC)
  • Navigators P&I
  • Through Transport Mutual Insurance Association Ltd.
  • Acis Transport Liability Agency Services (A.T.L.A.S)

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